By Catherine Corsini 2023 Le Retour Feature Film Completed
106 min
  • Drama
  • Family
  • Coming Of Age
  • LGBT
After "The Divide", Catherine Corsini is back with a family drama set during a summer in Corsica, selected in official competition at the 2023 Cannes film festival.
  • Homecoming turns out to be one of [Catherine Corsini]'s finest movies in a long time
    The Hollywood Reporter
  • Corsini and her co-writer Naïla Guiguet gently tease out the foibles of different versions of adolescence and new love
  • A terrific trio of performances go some way toward making the film’s more neatly schematic plotting feel organically, messily human
  • Known for working with star names, Corsini gets outstanding performances from her leads
    Screen Daily
  • Corsini doing what she does best — guiding actors toward intense and stirring performances
    The Hollywood Reporter
  • With tact and compassion... a director at her best when her social interests coincide with a knack for robust, old-fashioned melodrama
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