• Arthur Rambo
    Arthur Rambo
  • Inexorable
  • Nobody Has To Know
    Nobody Has To Know
  • Everything Went Fine
    Everything Went Fine
  • The Man In The Basement
    The Man In The Basement
  • Paris, 13th District
    Paris, 13th District
  • Libertad
  • Cahiers Noirs (Part I : Viviane, Part II : Ronit)
    Cahiers Noirs (Part I : Viviane, Part II : Ronit)
  • Memory Box
Based on a true story, Palme d’Or-winning director Laurent Cantet depicts the fall of a rising star, carried away by the turbulence of Twitter.

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  • "Jacques Audiard reinvents his own cinema"
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  • "The film stars Sophie Marceau in a compellingly grounded performance"
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  • "A silky, soulful black-and-white tapestry of single millennials seeking connection"
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  • "A meandering black-and-white drama that marries the weightlessness of 'Manhattan' with the serendipity of 'Chungking Express'"
  • "An emotional firework"
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  • "A beautifully poignant intergenerational story"

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