By Catherine Corsini 2023 Le Retour Feature Film Completed
106 min
  • Drama
  • Family
  • Coming Of Age
  • LGBT
After "The Divide", Catherine Corsini is back with a family drama set during a summer in Corsica, selected in official competition at the 2023 Cannes film festival.


Khédidja works for a wealthy Parisian family who offered her to mind their children for a summer in Corsica. Bringing along her own two teenage daughters Jessica and Farah, it is an opportunity for them to go back to the island they left 15 years earlier, in tragic circumstances. While their mother grapples with her memories, the two girls indulge in all the summer temptations: unexpected encounters, mischief and first love experiences. Meanwhile, questions are surfacing about their distant past on the island, leading them to dig deeper into their mother’s version of the family story.

  • DCP
  • HD