Red Island

By Robin Campillo 2023 L'île rouge Feature Film Completed
116 min
  • Coming Of Age
  • Family
After "BPM" (2017 Cannes Grand Prix), Robin Campillo brings us back to the 70s in Madagascar, on one of the last French military bases abroad.
  • "It’s a compelling, visually exquisite piece of work.”
    The Guardian
  • "An intimate and beautiful work."
    Les Echos
  • "The director of "120 BPM" delivers a magnetic and universal story of emancipation. And a most delicate initiation tale about the birth of a cinematic eye."
  • "Robin Campillo once again knocks us out and signs his most intimate film."
    Le Parisien
  • "Quim Gutiérrez and Nadia Tereszkiewicz play two enigmas, always floating between two waters, anxiety and the sublime."
  • "A film for all of us."
    Les Inrockuptibles
  • "Campillo signs his most ambitious and successful film."
    Les Fiches du Cinéma
    • DCP
    • HD