Black Dog

By Guan Hu 2024 Gou zhen Feature Film Completed
110 min
Black Dog
  • Drama
Un Certain Regard Prize at the 2024 Festival de Cannes.
  • “A magnificently shot, moody and moving fable.”
  • “Star Eddie Peng is impressive...His physically expressive performance makes up for his character’s taciturn nature.”
  • “Black Dog is the most wholesome neo-noir we’ve seen in a while.”
  • “A thriller out of the ordinary, Black Dog features breathtaking, sumptuously filmed shots of hundreds of stray dogs in the Gobi desert or rickety industrial buildings, in a tale full of suspense and surprises that delve deep into the theme of the relationship between man and animal.”
    Le Parisien
  • “Guan’s strong visual direction ensures that Black Dog never ceases to be interesting.”
  • “One of the best films of the Fest.”
  • "Black Dog is a great film of atmosphere and cinematography...Guan Hu draws a film that is not devoid of humor."
    Trois Couleurs