The Marching Band

By Emmanuel Courcol 2024 En fanfare Feature Film Post-production
The Marching Band
  • Comedy
The new comedy by Emmanuel Courcol, after the success of 'The Big Hit' (Official Selection at the 2019 Festival de Cannes and Best Comedy at the European Film Awards).


Thibaut Désormeaux, one of the most successful orchestra conductors of his generation, is hoping his sister is a compatible bone marrow donor to treat a rapidly progressing leukemia. At the sight of the DNA results and after confronting his mother, not only does he discover that he was adopted, but also that he has a younger brother, Jimmy, also adopted, but by a modest family. Employee in a school canteen, Jimmy plays in the local marching band and even seems to have a talent out of the ordinary. While in remission, Thibaut decides to give Jimmy the chance he never had to nurture his gift and help the village band to win a national contest.