For Night Will Come

By Céline Rouzet 2023 En attendant la nuit Feature Film Completed
104 min
For Night Will Come
  • Drama
  • Fantasy
The debut feature by Céline Rouzet, after the documentary “A Distant Thud in the Jungle”. A French fantasy film about a young, extraordinary teenager.
  • "This handsome debut feature from Céline Rouzet drains the horror from the vampire genre, instead using it as an allegory for otherness, for society’s rejection of people who do not quite fit into the social norms.”
    Screen Daily
  • "For Night Will Come proves dynamic and highly entertaining on the surface, while giving cinephiles something to grind their teeth with its many more or less hidden references.”
  • “The film bears thematic similarities to Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands”
    Screen Daily
  • “The arrival of an exciting new voice in French cinema and genre filmmaking.”
  • “Rouzet’s picture is a sensitively handled drama that taps into teen yearning and doomed romance in a way that could find favour with a YA audience and beyond.”
    Screen Daily
  • “Newcomer Legoût-Hammond is well cast as a sulky adolescent”
    The Verdict
  • “With good performances, delicate direction from Rouzet, and effective atmosphere and uneasiness, it’s a suitably tense trip down memory lane.”
    Loud And Clear Reviews
  • Céline Rouzet's promising cinematic debut visualizes the concept of chronic illness as a social metaphor.”
    Movie Break
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