Carnival Is Over

By Fernando Coimbra 2023 Os Enforcados Feature Film Post-production
Carnival Is Over
  • Thriller
  • Film noir
  • Crime
Fernando Coimbra, known for "Sand Castle" and "A Wolf at the Door", is back with a Mafia Comedy set in Rio, filled with chaos and thrills.


Regina and Valerio are a happy couple preparing to enjoy a casual life from their luxurious villa under construction on the hills of Rio. Since the death of Valerio’s father, the biggest mobster in town, they seek a way out of the criminal hornets’ nest they call a "family business". But they also face expenses. And Valerio’s uncle, Linduarte, insists on him assuming his responsibilities. One night, the couple finds the obvious solution: kill the uncle and sell the business. But by doing so, they fall into a spiral of violence, leading them onto the very path they wanted to escape.

  • DCP
  • HD