Soul Mates

By André Téchiné 2023 Les âmes sœurs Feature Film Completed
100 min
  • Drama
An elegant film by André Téchiné, starring Noémie Merlant and Benjamin Voisin, in the French Pyrénées, surrendered by mountains, forests and lakes.


After an attack against his military convoy in Mali, French lieutenant David Faber is brought back home to be cured. Deeply burnt, he spends months in recovery, under the careful watch of his worried and devoted sister Jeanne. But David suffers from severe amnesia. She brings him to their family house in the Pyrénées, between mountains, lakes and forests, where, she hopes, he will recover his memory. Strangely, he does not seem too eager to reconcile with the one he was…

Soul Mates
  • DCP
  • HD