The Crime Is Mine

By François Ozon 2023 Mon Crime Feature Film
102 min
  • Comedy
  • Mystery
  • A tasty comedy, in the vein of « 8 Women » or « Potiche ».
    Ouest France
  • A lively Ozon, with very current themes.
  • Distinguished by its originality, its audacity and its incorrectness.
    Les Echos
  • The film captures the era of the times with finesse, dressing it up in the rustling undergarments of 1930s France.
    Le Figaro
  • François Ozon speaks brilliantly about his two favorite subjects: cinema and women.
    Les Fiches du Cinéma
  • François Ozon merges theater and cinema in an intriguing, stylized film with a beautiful cast.
    Franceinfo Culture