Through the Night

By Delphine Girard 2023 Quitter la nuit Feature Film Completed
108 min
  • Drama
"Through the Night" is Delphine Girard's first feature film, which wins People’s Choice Award at the Giornate degli Autori - Venice Film Festival. The film is based on her Oscar-nominated short film, "A Sister".
  • "Strong central performances and confident handling of an evergreen subject."
  • "But Through the Night is not Dary’s journey to redemption or atonement, nor indeed Aly’s to forgiveness or acceptance [...]. It is more complicated, nuanced, messy and real than that."
  • "An extraordinary debut film."
    La Razón
  • "[The film] must be considered one of the year's best readings on violence in the narrative.”
    La Razón
  • "This paradox — of suffering a crime and then traveling a treacherous path to prove it — makes up the heart of Through the Night."
    El País
  • "Delphine Girard has conceived Quitter la nuit as a story of reconstruction, with an element of light.”
    La Libre
  • "Through the Night succeeds in generating suspense and psychological depth, making it a promising start to Girard’s directorial career.”
    Ziz News
  • "Baetens’ is just one in a plethora of strong performances, as the whole cast delivers stellar work.''
  • ''A strong adult drama about a difficult subject, handled with care and diplomacy and strong direction.''
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