2021 One Hour TV series Completed
6x52 min
  • Thriller
  • Psychology


Anne Dupraz, a respected and feared prosecutor, is in custody for shooting a man, now between life and death. She admits her guilt but seems unable to explain her act.The situation is exceptional. As most of the prosecutors know Anne well, Carla Meier,a Swiss-German native who recently arrived in Geneva, was called in. The case is all the more murky because the man Anne shot was an underworld personality who frequented the world of nightlife and prostitution.To understand how Anne did not hesitate to sacrifice her career and her freedom to shoot this man, Carla will have to unravel the threads of the past. By questioning all the protagonists in this affair, while in police custody, Carla and her colleagues will gradually uncover the secret that Anne would have preferred to keep for herself forever. It is her story that the series will reveal. The story of a release: her own voice.

  • HD