Singing Jailbirds

By Etienne Comar 2021 A L'ombre des filles Feature Film Completed
106 min
  • Drama
  • Musical
  • Jail
Following the success of his first feature "Django", Étienne Comar confronts with "Singing Jailbirds" the life in a prison for women with music and its capacity to unite people and a repertoire of international songs.


When he agreed to lead a singing class in a women's detention center, Luc, an opera singer, did not expect to face such a difficult task. Despite reluctances and the rising tensions inside the prison and between inmates, he manages for the group to find its rhythm. Carole, Jeanine, Noor, Jess, Marzena, and Catherine gradually let themselves be tamed by music and taste a semblance of freedom.

Singing Jailbirds
  • DCP
  • HD