By Arnaud Malherbe 2021 Feature Film Completed
102 min
  • Drama
  • Fantasy
A disturbing dark tale of predation and childhood fears, led by promising actress Ana Girardot (Someone, Somewhere) and introducing Giovanni Pucci in a revelatory performance.


Eight-year-old Jules and his mother Chloé land in deserted French countryside. To start a new life, far from a painful past, she has accepted to take over the village school. But the apparently quiet community is consumed by the unexplained disappearance of a little boy months ago. Mathieu, the town doctor, is not insensible to the newcomer’s charm. As he becomes closer to Chloé, her son Jules grows increasingly anxious. He knows it, he can feel it: Mathieu is the beast, that now wants to devour him and take his mother away.

  • DCP
  • HD