Voulez-vous rire avec moi ce soir ?

By Yacine Belhousse 2019 Feature Film
95 min
Voulez-vous rire avec moi ce soir ?
  • Documentary
  • Stand-Up


The French humorist Yacine Belhousse introduces us to comedians from around the world, to travel through laugh. Are there really German comedians? Do American comedians really think they are the funniest? What makes Canadians laugh? Are the Russians allowed to laugh about everything? Does British humour only address the Brits? Far from the clichés and bias, Yacine and the artists he met will answer such questions with a lot of humor and sincerity. Through many live clips and interviews, this around-the-world trip in 90 minutes and 7 countries celebrates the "laughing together" and spreads the passion of stand up without borders!

Voulez-vous rire avec moi ce soir ?
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