Created by Henri Debeurme & Aurélien Molas 2019 One Hour TV series Completed
6x45 min min
  • Thriller
  • Cop
  • Film noir
  • Psychology
  • Crime
  • serial killer
  • confinement
When a highly qualified cop chasing a serial killer becomes amnesic and discovers that such serial killer he’s been tracking for months could in fact turn out to be himself. Season 1: 6x45min (2019)
  • Season 1
Season 1
  • Episodes 6
  • Delivery 2019


While tracking a serial killer, Adam – a tough and admired cop – survives miraculously after having been shot in the head but suffers from an important memory loss. While recovering, he tries to find out who he is and who tried to kill him. When he discovers a young woman tied up and terrified in his basement, Adam faces the worst doubt: what if the serial killer he’s been tracking for months was in fact himself?

  • HD