Created by Henri Debeurme, Benjamin Rocher, Bertrand Soulier 2020 Half Hour TV series Completed
10x24 min
  • Coming Of Age
  • Comedy
  • History/Period
  • Stone Age
  • Adventure
Moah is struggling with his everyday life issues, like anyone. One tiny detail, though: Moah is a young man who lives 45 000 years ago. Season 1: 10x24min (2020)
  • Season 1
Season 1
  • Episodes 10
  • Delivery 2020


Moah. Different. A mother who cares a bit too much for him. An absent father. A boss who never listens to him. Jealous and mean colleagues. Zero future prospects. And this housing in a hazardous district. This pretty stranger who won’t notice him. Dreadfully dangerous neighbors. In short: Moah’s life is complicated. And the fact that it’s happening 45 000 years ago doesn’t make it any easier…

  • HD