Goodbye first love

By Mia Hansen-Løve 2011 Un Amour de jeunesse Feature Film
110 min
Goodbye first love
  • Drama
  • Coming Of Age
  • Romance
  • teenagers
  • couple relationships


Spring 1999. Camille 15, Sullivan 19, love each other passionately, but Sullivan wants to go to South America for a year and this project drives Camille to despair. In fall he leaves and slowly stops writing to her. After a suicide attempt, Camille ends up in hospital. 2003, four years have passed. Camille works, studies architecture and lives on her own.She meets a famous architect, Lorenz, who restores her self-confidence. 2007, Camille and Lorenz have a strong relationship. Camille is his assistant but she feels capable of founding her own agency soon. After 7 years she sees Sullivan again, all seems to go well after their first encounter, but few months later their feelings are back and Camille's heart is torn apart.

Goodbye first love
  • 35mm
  • DCP
  • HD