The Crocodile of Botswanga

By Lionel Steketee & Fabrice Eboué 2014 Le Crocodile du Botswanga Feature Film Completed
88 min
  • Comedy
  • politics
  • sport


Leslie, French soccer rising star, is Didier's protégé. Maréchal Bobo, the unpredictable President of Botswanga, invites Leslie to discover his motherland and Didier to join him on this trip. Lost in his megalomaniac fantasies, what Maréchal Bobo wants most is to see Leslie play for the national soccer team The Crocodiles of Botswanga. Concerned with Leslie's career, Didier disagrees with this idea. But a suitcase filled with dollars given by the Dictator easily helps Didier to change his mind. Didier is now ready to do anything to convince his precious client to team up with the Crocodiles of Botswanga.

The Crocodile of Botswanga
  • HD
  • DCP