The True Life of Teachers

By Emmanuel Klotz & Albert Pereira-Lazaro 2012 La Vraie vie des profs Feature Film Completed
100 min
  • Comedy
  • teenagers
  • school


Anyone who works on the dull school paper at Emile Zola junior high - run by a group of 7th graders - is reputed to be a total loser. So when Albert and JM, two lowlives, are punished by the school principal and forced to join the journalism workshop as a lesson in civics, it's total humiliation. However, once they've gotten past the cultural shock, the good students and lowlives are quick to join forces around what they agree to be a ''pure idea:'' transforming their newspaper into a website focused on the private life of their teachers. A '' People Magazine '' about their junior high. Eager for glory and recognition, Albert the editor-in-chief is ready to unravel all the adults' secrets. Even if it means searching through their trash! Along with Jean-Mohamed - secretly in love with Sissi - , Juju the insider - she's a teacher's daughter- and their mascott Little Mousse - the squad's computer geek -, they launch themselves into secret and hair-raising investigations. And their path will lead them to make the most improbable and unlikely discoveries: hairy bikers and bicycle chases; quarrelsome bullies; crazy clubs; improbable showers; teachers right on their tracks, painful cactus stings, and traumatized parents. Taking the adult's amusing inconsistencies head on, they' re ready to go far... but... how far exactly?

The True Life of Teachers
  • 35mm
  • HD