The Voyage of the Heretique

By Didier Nion 2017 Naufragé volontaire Feature Film Completed
93 min
The Voyage of the Heretique
  • Drama
  • True Story
  • travel
  • survival
  • based on a book
  • based on true events
  • sea
  • boat


Canary Islands, 1952. Dr Alain Bombard embarks on an inflatable boat to cross the Atlantic ocean, alone, with no assistance, and without food or water. His goal is to prove that any man can survive at sea with only sea water and fish to feed human needs. Bombard’s experience is deeply challenged by loneliness and fear, and on day 53, he must find the strength to continue. A true story.

The Voyage of the Heretique
  • HD
  • DCP