A Greek Type of Problem

By Brigitte Roüan 2013 Tu honoreras ta mère et ta mère Feature Film Completed
93 min
  • Drama
  • holidays
  • family relationships
  • summer


'Everything is going to be all right'' Jo's obstetrician had promised her the day he delivered her baby. But forty years and four sons later, nothing is really all right in this month of August : for when Jo arrives in Greece to organize a traditional festival with her clan, she is told that the festival has been cancelled due to the economic crisis. It looks like tragedy is looming on the horizon, but Jo's maternal instinct takes over, ready to move mountains in order to guarantee her children's happiness. Between squabbles and blows, dealt by peopl or by fate, this summer turns out to be like no other before it.

A Greek Type of Problem
  • 35mm
  • HD
  • DCP