Sans Soleil

Sans Soleil

A film by Banu Akseki

2020 - Belgium-France-Netherlands - Sci-Fi


A few years from now, the sun is on the verge of exploding and spatial shock waves flow the Earth. Most humans suffer auditory pain and Cyril's mother becomes a prominent drug dealer for those who decided not to take shelter underground. When she suddenly disappears, Cyril is adopted but he soon feels the need to embark on a journey to find her back.

  • cast

    • Asia Argento
    • Sandrine Blanke
    • Louka Minella
  • crew

    • Screenwriter
    • Banu Akseki
    • Cinematographer
    • Olivier Boonjing
    • Producers
    • Frakas Productions
    • Volya Films
    • Savage Film
    • The Jokers
  • infos

    • Language
    • French