Roman Polanski : Odd Man out

A film by Marina Zenovich

2012 USA - Documentary


In her follow-up of the Emmy-winning WANTED AND DESIRED, Marina Zenovich explores the recent legal battle to bring Roman Polanski back to the United States after more than 30 years. Called "one of the longest running sagas in California criminal justice history", the drama plays out over two continents and touches the highest levels of government in the U.S. and Europe. As the legal battle drags on, Zenovich examines how the lives of Polanski and Samantha Geimer have been utterly changed by their sexual encounter in 1977. With Polanski once again a free man and the prosecution's case seriously compromised, ODD MAN OUT will try and bring some kind of closure to this hugely controversial case.

  • crew

    • Producer
    • Lila Yacoub (Partout LCC)
    • Editor
    • Scott J. Gill
    • Cinematographer
    • Tanja Koop
    • Sound
    • Tyler Bender

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