Graves Without a Name

Graves Without a Name
Les tombeaux sans noms

A film by Rithy Panh

2018 France, Cambodia - Documentary


After The Missing Picture (Un Certain Regard winner 2013 and Oscar nominee for the Best Foreign Language Film in 2013) and Exile, Rithy Panh continues his personal and spiritual exploration. S21 the Khmer Rouge Killing Machine and Duch, Master of the Forges of Hell analyzed the mechanisms of the crime. Graves Without a Name searches for a path to peace. When a thirteen-year-old child, who lost the greater part of his family under the Khmer Rouge, embarks on a search for their graves, whether clay or on spiritual ground, what does he find there? And above all, what is he looking for? Spectral trees? Villages defaced beyond recognition? Witnesses who are reluctant to speak? The ethereal touch of a brother or sister’s body as the night approaches? A cinematic movie that reaches well beyond the story of a country for that which is universal.

  • crew +

    • Producer
    • Catherine Dussart
    • Screenwriter
    • Rithy Panh
    • writing collab.
    • Agnès Sénémaud
    • Commentary
    • Christophe Bataille
    • Narrator
    • Randal Douc
    • DoP
    • Rithy Panh
    • Prum Mésar
    • Editor
    • Rithy Panh
    • Music
    • Marc Marder
    • Production
    • CDP
    • Anupheap Production
    • ARTE France
  • infos

    • Running time
    • 115'
    • Ratio
    • 1.78
    • Format
    • DCP
    • Sound
    • 5.1
    • Language
    • French, Cambodian

awards & nominations

  • 2018 Venice Giornate degli autori

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