Who You Think I Am

Who You Think I Am
Celle que vous croyez

A film by Safy Nebbou

2019 France - Romance


Claire is a 48-year-old teacher, divorced and mother of two. In order to keep an eye on her young lover Ludo, she creates a fake facebook profile and morphs into the attractive 24-year-old Clara. But Ludo does not take the bait: his best friend Alex, on the other hand, does. A “dangerous liaison” is formed.

  • cast

    • Juliette Binoche
    • Nicole Garcia
    • François Civil
  • crew

    • Producer
    • Michel Saint-Jean (Diaphana)
    • Screenwriters
    • Safy Nebbou
    • Julie Peyr
    • Based on the novel by
    • Camille Laurens (Who You Think I Am)
    • Original Music
    • Ibrahim Maalouf
    • French Distrib.
    • Diaphana
  • infos

    • Language
    • French