27/01/2015 Press

THE SUMMER OF SANGAILE enlightens Sundance

"A poetic surprise from Lithuania. A haunting, hypnotically shot story about a young woman in love with flying and another teenage girl who encourages her passion." - LA Times "It's a delightful film with stimulating visuals" - Slug Magazine "Kavaïté has a gift for lyrical sensuality" - Mike D'Angelo "An uplifting (literally!) romantic drama" - Michael Arbeiter "Alanté Kavaïté levels a far more honest eye upon the girls' lovemaking than Abdellatif Kéchiche's animalistic male gaze ... Gorgeous photography filled with beauty and symbolism; strong sound design and score; lead performances impress; honest till the end" - Rob Hunter "Appealingly simple, poetically conceived teen coming-of-age tale" - The Hollywood Reporter "It's remarkable, even hours after seeing the picture, how many images Kavaïté is able to compose that stick in your head" - Gregory Ellwood, Hitflix