Weekends In Normandy

A film by Anne Villacèque

2014 France - Comedy Drama


It doesn't take much to ruin a weekend. A simple misunderstanding in a parking lot, a wrong reaction and suddenly everything goes off track. Nothing seems to be going right for Christine. Jean is leaving her, Sylvette and Ulrich, her oldest friends, are a little less friendly. It's all falling apart. But life is full of surprises.
The lives of two couples, in and out of love, as weekends go by.

  • cast

    • Karin Viard
    • Noémie Lvovsky
    • Jacques Gamblin
    • Ulrich Tukur
    • Aurélia Petit
    • Iliana Zabeth
    • Gisèle Casadesus
  • crew

    • Producer
    • Nicolas Blanc (Ex Nihilo)
    • Screenwriters
    • Anne Villacèque
    • Sophie Fillières
    • DoP
    • Pierre Milon
    • Editor
    • Nelly Quettier
    • Sound
    • Yolande Decarsin
    • Jean Mallet
    • Set Designer
    • Dorian Maloine

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