A Street in Palermo
Via Castellana Bandiera

A film by Emma Dante

2013 Italy, Switzerland - Comedy Drama


It's a Sunday afternoon. The sirocco wind blows pitilessly upon Palermo when Rosa and Clara, two women arriving to celebrate a friend's wedding, get lost among the city streets and end up in a sort of cul-de-sac: Via Castellana Bandiera. At the same moment, another car driven by Samira, in which the Calafiore family is amassed, arrives in the opposite direction and enters the same street. Neither Rosa at the wheel of her Multipla, nor Samira, an ancient and stubborn woman at the wheel of her Punto, intend to give way to each other. While the Calafiore family withdraw into the illegal building where they live and organise a gamble, with the complicity of the neighbours, on which one of the two women shall hold her position longest, Clara decides to leave the Multipla to continue her discovery of Palermo on the scooter of Nicolà², the youngest in the Calafiore family, who escorts her willingly.Evening falls, then night penetrates within the street and the neighbourhood houses, but the two women, resisting hunger, sleep and thirst, seem to be obeying a stubbornness holding no more rationality and persist in not yielding way to the other...

  • cast

    • Emma Dante (Rosa)
    • Alba Rohrwacher (Clara)
    • Elena Cotta (Samira)
    • Renato Malfatti (Saro)
    • Dario Casarolo (Nicolo)
    • Carmine Maringola (Filippo)
  • crew +

    • Producers
    • Marta Donzelli (Vivo film)
    • Gregorio Paonessa (Vivo film)
    • Mario Gianani (Wildside)
    • Lorenzo Mieli (Wildside)
    • Elda Guidinetti (Ventura Film)
    • Andres Pfaeffli (Ventura Film)
    • Marianne Slot (Slot Machine)
    • Cinematographer
    • Gherardo Gossi
    • Screenplay
    • Emma Dante
    • Giorgio Vasta
    • Editor
    • Benni Atria

awards & nominations

  • COPPA VOLPI for Best Actress for Elena Cotta Venice 2013
  • Ingmar Bergman International Debut Award at Goteborg


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