True life of teachers (The)
La Vraie vie des profs

A film by Emmanuel Klotz, Albert Pereira-Lazaro

2013 France - Comedy


Anyone who works on the dull school paper at Emile Zola junior high - run by a group of 7th graders - is reputed to be a total loser. So when Albert and JM, two lowlives, are punished by the school principal and forced to join the journalism workshop as a lesson in civics, it's total humiliation. However, once they've gotten past the cultural shock, the good students and lowlives are quick to join forces around what they agree to be a "pure idea:" transforming their newspaper into a website focused on the private life of their teachers. A " People Magazine " about their junior high. Eager for glory and recognition, Albert the editor-in-chief is ready to unravel all the adults' secrets. Even if it means searching through their trash! Along with Jean-Mohamed - secretly in love with Sissi - , Juju the insider - she's a teacher's daughter- and their mascott Little Mousse - the squad's computer geek -, they launch themselves into secret and hair-raising investigations. And their path will lead them to make the most improbable and unlikely discoveries: hairy bikers and bicycle chases; quarrelsome bullies; crazy clubs; improbable showers; teachers right on their tracks, painful cactus stings, and traumatized parents. Taking the adult's amusing inconsistencies head on, they' re ready to go far... but... how far exactly?

  • cast +

    • Lucien Jean-Baptiste
    • Audrey Fleurot
    • Emir Seghir
    • Sami Bouzid
    • Victoire Poupon
    • Maeva Arnoux
    • Enzo Vallejos Celotto
    • Oussama Abbassa
    • Catherine Hosmalin
    • Vincent Desagnat
  • crew +

    • Producers
    • Xavier Rigault,
    • Marc-Antoine Robert (247 Films)
    • Screenwriters
    • Alexandre Jardin
    • Emmanuel Klotz
    • Original idea
    • Alexandre Jardin
    • Original score
    • Elio Antony
    • DoP
    • Julien-A. Bureau
    • Editor
    • Stephan Couturier
    • Sound
    • Antoine Mazan
    • Deborah Stauffer
    • Julien Bourdeau
    • Bruno Mercere
    • Post-Production
    • Christina Crassaris
  • infos

    • Running time
    • 100'
    • Ratio
    • 2.35
    • Language
    • French

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Domestic release :
Feb. 2013 (UIP France)