Peter Brook - The Tightrope
The Tightrope

A film by Simon Brook

2012 France, Italy - Documentary


For the very first time in 40 years, Peter Brook, one of the major directors of contemporary theatre, has agreed to raise the curtain and allow his son Simon Brook to film behind the scenes and to reveal the secrets of his approach. This unique and personal film takes us beyond the intimacy of a workshop, into a philosophical experience, on a tightrope...

  • cast +

    • Peter Brook
    • Franck Krawczyk (French musician & composer)
    • Toshi Tsuchitori (Japanese musician & compos)
    • Marie-Hélène Estienne (Peter Brook's collaborator)
    • Hayley Carmichael (English actress)
    • Jos Houben (Belgian actor)
    • Micha Lescot (French actor)
    • Marcello Magni (Italian actor)
    • Khalifa Natour (Palestinian actor)
    • Yoshi Oida (Japanese actor)
    • Abdou Ouologuem (Malian actor)
    • Cesar Sarachu (Spanish actor)
    • Shantala Shivalingappa (Indian actress & dancer)
    • Emily Wilson (American actress)
    • Lydia Wilson (English actress)
  • crew +

    • Producers
    • Simon Brook (Brook Productions)
    • Peter Brook
    • Eklou Attisso Jean-Pierre
    • DoP
    • Kavyrchine Alexis
    • Editors
    • Miljevic Josie
    • Bossuet Barbara
    • Sound
    • Avril Philippe
    • Coutelier Cécile
    • Drogoul Romain
    • Sound Editing
    • Ravez Agnès
    • Sound Mix
    • Delor Thierry

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