A film by Jacques Richard

1983 France - Comedy Drama


Rémi Chauveau, 10 years old, lives in a divided family. He first experiences life in a severe boarding school before living with a strict and domineering nanny. As a teenager, he assists a butcher in Paris while getting into mischiefs on saturdays which sometimes lead to the prison. One day, he meets the love of his life ...

  • cast

    • Jean-Pierre Léaud (Rémi Chauveau)
    • Olga Georges-Picot (Suzanne Chauveau, the mother)
    • Christophe Bazzini (Rémi Chauveau, kid)
    • Jacques Robiolles (Charles Chauveau, the father)
    • Tina Aumont (The butcher)
    • Mado Maurin (Mme No, the nanny)
    • Maurice Garrel (The director of the cinema)
    • Philippe Castelli (The teacher)
  • crew

    • Producers
    • François Nocher (Garance Films)
    • Dominique Vignet (Garance Films)
    • Jacques Richard (Les Films Elementaires)
    • Director
    • Jacques Richard
    • Screenplay
    • Jacques Richard
    • Cinematographer
    • Dominique Brenguier
    • Editor
    • Luc Barnier
    • Music
    • Pierre Jansen
  • infos

    • Running time
    • 80'