A film by Sana Na N'Hada

1994 Netherlands, Guinea, Bissau - Drama


Xime-Portuguese Guinea-1962: The rice peasant IALA is confronted with losing the authority over his two sons, Raul and Bedan. Raul, the elder son, through the help of Vittorio, the Italian priest from the little village school, had been sent to the seminary in the big city. No one knows that he has, in fact, joined the liberation movement against the Portuguese colonial regime. Bedan, the younger son, remaining behind the village, is in opposition to the traditional authority of the village elders. Moreover, he is secretly in love wi th his father's young bride to be! The colonial authorities are also in turmoil. When Raul returns to the village, events escalate. In the end, they rapidly lead to the violence which forces everyone to make a choice.

  • cast

    • José Tamba
    • Justino Neto
    • Aful Macka
    • Juan Carlos Tajes
    • Daniel Smith
    • Etelvina Gomes
    • Namba Na Nfadan
    • Bia Gomes
  • crew +

    • Producers
    • Joop van Wijk (Molenwiek Film BV)
    • Hillie Molenaar (Molenwiek Film BV)
    • Co-producers
    • Jean-Pierre Gallèpe (Les Matins Films)
    • Jacques Bidou
    • Director
    • Sana Na N'Hada
    • Screenplay
    • Sana Na N'Hada
    • Joop van Wijk
    • Cinematographer
    • Melle van Essen
    • Editor
    • Anita Fernà¡ndez
    • Sound
    • Philippe Sénéchal
    • Music
    • Malam Mané
    • Patricio Wang
  • infos

    • Running time
    • 95'

Domestic release :
9th of Novembre 1995