Time of my life
Tot altijd

A film by Nic Balthazar

2012 Belgium - Drama


They were young and Thomas and Mario are friends for life. Lynn is the girl they both love, Speck the loose cannon who's the fourth wheel to their wagon. Mario is a fiercely ambitious and combative young man, with a loud mouth, and big theatrical plans for an exciting future, great in every way. Just when his political career is about to get under steam, he is suddenly diagnosed with MS. Thomas, who has become a doctor, is the silent hero of the story, who will have to witness the degradation of his best friend. At first, Mario is really courageous about it. He tries to take it all with courage under sense of humor that is his. But pretty soon he finds out the aggressive nature of his disease. Very early on he is clear on one thing: he plans to go on for as long as his body will carry him. And for as long as it's fun. When the fun ends somebody has to help him to the emergency exit. But is this the kind of question you can ask your best friend? Confronted with the prospect of a very slowly decaying body, and even worse a faltering mind, Mario starts his quest to try and get euthanasia out of the penal system.

  • cast +

    • Koen De Graeve (Mario)
    • Geert Van Rampelberg (Thomas)
    • Lotte Pinoy (Lynn)
    • Iwein Segers (Speck)
    • Felix Maesschalck (Milan )
    • Ben Segers (Glen )
    • Viviane De Muynck (Francine )
    • Michel Van Dousselaere (Roger )
    • Eva Van der Gucht (Sask )
    • An Miller (Sofie )
  • crew +

    • Producer
    • Peter Bouckaert (Eyeworks Film & TV Drama)
    • Coproducer
    • Diana Elbaum (Entre Chien & Loup)
    • Coproducer
    • Michiel de Rooy (Flinck Film)
    • Production manager
    • Else Moens
    • Line producer
    • Nathalie Van Schelvergem
    • Cinematographer
    • Danny Elsen
    • Editor
    • Philippe Ravoet
    • Art Director
    • Johan Van Essche
    • Chef make-up
    • Marià«l Hoevenaars
    • Costume
    • Tine Verbeurgt
    • Sound design
    • Simone Galavazi
  • infos

    • Running time
    • 118
    • Ratio
    • 2.35
    • Sound
    • Dolby 5.1

awards & nominations

  • Audience Award for best film, RamDam Festival, Tournai
  • Audience Award for best film, The End Festival, Amsterdam
  • Silver Bernhard Wicki Audience Award, 23th Filmfest Emden-Norderney
  • Best Film, Best Actor (Geert Van Rampelberg), Flemish Film Awards


screenings in festivals & markets

Domestic release :
24th of January 2012