Au cas où je n'aurais pas la Palme d'or
Au cas où je n'aurais pas la Palme d'or

A film by Renaud Cohen

2012 France - Comedy Drama


Since his directorial debut 10 years ago, Simon, a forty something filmmaker, nowadays spends more time shooting the breeze than shooting films. Following a silly bet he makes with an actor friend, he shaves his head and discovers a huge bizarre hump in the middle of his skull. Sick with worry, he consults a plethora of doctors, none can reassure him. Is it a fatal disease? Is he dying? How long does he have? As he anxiously waits for results, he decides to make a quick, no budget film about his life; perhaps his very last.

  • cast

    • Renaud Cohen (Simon)
    • Julie Gayet (Julia)
    • Maurice Bénichou (Himself / God)
    • Frédéric Pierrot (Le producteur)
    • Samir Guesmi (Yossef)
  • crew

    • Production
    • Renaud Cohen (Les films de la bosse)
    • Executive Producer
    • Marine Tuloup
    • Screenplay
    • Renaud Cohen
    • Music
    • Yan Volsy
    • Cinematographer
    • Marc Tevanian
    • Editor
    • Marine Benveniste
    • Editor
    • Pauline Casalis
    • Sound
    • Guillaume Valeix
  • infos

    • Running time
    • 85 mn
    • Ratio
    • 1/85
    • Format
    • DCP

Domestic release :
May 2nd 2012