A film by Clara Roquet

2020 - Belgium-Spain - Coming of age


Nora is not sure how she is going to survive another summer in her family's coastal mansion in Spain. Her grandmother is ill and her little sister is such a baby... Hopefully Libertad shows up : she’s from Colombia and she knows how to handle boys. But she is also the maid's daughter. When they start to befriend, it must stay secret.

  • cast

    • Maria Morera
    • Nicolle García
    • Vicky Peña
  • crew

    • Screenwriter
    • Clara Roquet
    • Cinematographer
    • Gris Jordana
    • Editor
    • Ana Pfaff
    • Producers
    • Avalon PC
    • Lastor Media
  • infos

    • Language
    • Spanish