Silence of Joan (The)

Silence of Joan (The)
Jeanne captive

A film by Philippe Ramos

2011 France - History


1430. After a year of victorious battles, Joan of Arc is taken prisoner. Handed over to the English by King Charles VII, she lets herself fall from the keep where she is imprisoned. The young woman miraculously survives, but she no longer hears the divine voices that guided and protected her all these years. Why has God abandoned her at such a difficult time? Joan is left alone to face her grim fate.

  • cast

    • Clémence Poésy (Joan)
    • Thierry Frémont (The Doctor )
    • Mathieu Amalric (The Preacher)
    • Liam Cunningham (The English captain)
    • Jean-François Stévenin (The Monk)
    • Bernard Blancan (The Carpenter)
    • Louis-Do De Lencquesaing
  • crew

    • Producer
    • Sophie Dulac
    • Producer
    • Michel Zana
    • Screenplay
    • Philippe Ramos
    • Cinematographer
    • Philippe Ramos
    • Editor
    • Philippe Ramos
  • infos

    • Running time
    • 92 mn
    • Ratio
    • 2:35
    • Format
    • HD
    • Sound
    • Dolby SRD


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