My buddy
Mon pote

A film by Marc Esposito

2011 France - Comedy Drama


Victor is the editor-in-chief of a car magazine. One day he visits a prison to talk about his work. He meets Bruno, a car thief, who is a great fan of his magazine.Bruno asks Victor to hire him. Victor agrees. A bond of friendship forms between the two men that will lead Victor to stray from his usual routine and play with fire.

  • cast

    • Edouard Baer (VICTOR)
    • Benoit Magimel (BRUNO)
    • Diane BONNOT (AGATHE)
    • Léonie SIMAGA (ANNA)
    • Atmen KELIF (SAMI)
  • crew +

    • Screenplay
    • Marc ESPOSITO
    • Jean-Luc Levesque
    • Editors
    • Benoît ALAVOINE
    • Benjamin AMBARD
    • Image
    • Pascal CAUBERE
    • Sound
    • Jean-Luc Verdier
    • Music
    • Producers
    • François Kraus (Les Films du Kiosque)
    • Producers
    • Denis Pineau-Valencienne (Les Films du Kiosque)

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