Brownian Movement

A film by Nanouk Leopold

2010 Netherlands - Drama


At the hospital where she works, Charlotte (Sandra Hà¼ller) carefully selects male patients to have sex with in an appartment she has rented in town. The secret moments she spends with a variety of men - corpulent, hairy, elderly - give Charlotte a fulfilment she cannot find in her one-child marriage with Max. When Max finds out what Charlotte has been up to, their marriage breaks down. Charlotte and Max desperately try to save their relationship. After Charlotte has been evicted from her profession, the couple moves to India to start a new life. But even her newborn twin babies cannot prevent Charlotte from longing for the past, when she gave free reign to her passions inside.

  • cast

    • Sandra Huller
    • Dragan Bakema
  • crew

    • Production
    • Stienette Bosklopper (Circe)
    • Editor
    • Katharina Wartena
  • infos

    • Running time
    • 97 mn
    • Ratio
    • 2.35

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