Joseph and the Girl
Joseph et la Fille

A film by Xavier de Choudens

2010 France - Drama


Joseph goes out of jail where robberies got him locked up for 20 years. He goes to live in the house of his ex-cell mate who died in prison and left behind his daughter, Julie, as young and beautiful as she is swindler and provocative. Soon Joseph wants for one last time to do the thing he knows best: a spectacular casino robbery. Julie in search of a father figure accepts to be his accomplice. Together they form a unique duo torn between desire, friendship, youth and age.

  • cast

    • Jacques Dutronc
    • Hafsia Herzi
    • AurĂ©lien Recoing
    • Denis Menochet
  • crew

    • Producer
    • Christine Gozlan (Thelma Films)
    • Producer
    • Pierre Forette (Thelma Films)
    • Producer
    • Thierry Wong (Thelma Films)
    • Editor
    • Sophie Reine
    • Script
    • Xavier de Choudens
  • infos

    • Running time
    • 100'
    • Ratio
    • 1.85

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