Yuki & NIna

Yuki & NIna

A film by Nobuhiro Suwa, Hippolyte Girardot

2009 France - Drama


Yuki, nine years old, learns that her parents are separating. Her father is French, and her mother is Japanese. She is going to have to follow her mother to Japan, leaving everything behind in Paris, starting with her best friend Nina. Together, Yuki and Nina devise schemes in order to get her parents back together. Running away seems like the only solution in the end - the forest will be their new destination.

  • cast

    • Noà« Sampy (Yuki)
    • Arielle Moutel (Nina)
    • Marilyne Canto
  • crew

    • Producer
    • Masa Sawada (Comme des Cinémas)
    • Co-Producer
    • Kristina Larsen (Les Films du Lendemain)
  • infos

awards & nominations

  • Cannes 2009 - Director's Fortnight
  • Berlin 2010 Generation

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