DELIVERY DATE: Summer 2019

White Lie

White Lie

A film by Yonah Lewis & Calvin Thomas

2019 Canada - Drama


Katie, a dance major, makes everyone believe that she’s fighting against cancer. When her eligibility for a university bursary is jeopardized unless she provides medical records within the week, she scrambles to forge them, begging her father for money to pay for them. He quickly sees through her façade and refuses to help, pleading with her to come clean before he reveals her crime to her crowd funders.

  • cast

    • Kacey Rohl
    • Amber Anderson
    • Martin Donovan
    • Thomas Olajide
  • crew

    • Screenwriters
    • Yonah Lewis
    • Calvin Thomas
    • Cinematographer
    • Christopher Lew
    • Producers
    • Karen Harnisch
    • Yonah Lewis
    • Calvin Thomas
    • Katie Bird Nolan
    • Lindsay Tapscott
  • infos

    • Language
    • English