Winds of Sand, Women of rock

Winds of Sand, Women of rock
Vents de Sable, Femmes de roc

A film by Nathalie Borgers

2009 Belgium - Documentary


For the Tubu people, living in the Sahara desert is both harsh and very simple. Men and women have clearly defined roles. The men are camel breeders, the women are tied to the home. For anything a woman wants to do, she needs her husband's permission. For the women, this condition would be unbearable if it wasn't for the annual caravan that takes them on a 1500 kilometres journey on foot across the desert to collect dates. Even if the conditions are extreme, selling their date harvest brings them economic independence, pride and self confidence. Domagali, Amina and Mariama are three women whose destinies draw us into their world. Conflicts between tradition and modernity, between individual freedom and clan solidarity punctuate their stories.

  • crew

    • Coproducers
    • Sébastien Delloye (Entre Chien et Loup)
    • Erich Lackner (Lotus Films)
    • Serge Zeitoun (Liaison Cinématographique)
    • Based on an original idea by
    • Christoph Gretzmacher
    • Gerhard Auenheimer
    • Original Soundtrack
    • Thierry ZABOITZEFF
  • infos

    • Running time
    • 90min // 52min


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