Dans tes Bras

Dans tes Bras

A film by Hubert Gillet

2009 France - Drama


Louis was abandoned by his mother when he was only a few weeks old. Now 16, he wants to know where he comes from despite the reluctance of his adoptive parents. He manages to find his birthmother and starts spying on her at the flower shop where she works until finally he tells her that he is her son. Overwhelmed by this sudden irruption from the past, Solange denies and violently rejects the truth. Delving into her former life is just too painful. Stumbling between obstacles and small victories, a pathetic but luminous relationship develops between Louis and his mother.

  • cast

    • Martin Loizillon (Louis)
    • Michèle Laroque (Solange)
  • crew

    • Producers
    • Thomas VERHAEGHE (Sombrero Films)
    • Alain Benguigui (Sombrero Films)
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