Simon Konianski

Simon Konianski

A film by Micha Wald

2009 Belgium, France, Canada - Comedy


Simon Konianski, 35, has returned to live temporarily with his father, which makes life unbearable for both of them. When Ernest passes away, Simon feels compelled to fullfil his father's last request: to be buried in the depths of Ukraine. And so Simon finds himself caught up in an event-packed road movie in the company of his paranoid old uncle, his aunt who nags him endlessly, his six-years-old son, his father's body, its ghost, and also a rabbit...

  • cast

    • Jonathan Zacca௠(Simon)
    • Nassim BEN ABDELOUMEN (Hadrien)
    • Popeck (Ernest)
  • crew

    • Screenplay
    • Micha Wald
    • Producers
    • Jaques-Henri Bronckart
    • Olivier Bronckart
    • Cinematography
    • Jean-Paul DE ZAEYTIJD
    • Editing
    • Susana ROSSBERG
  • infos

    • Running time
    • 94'
    • Ratio
    • Scope

screenings in festivals & markets

Domestic release :
July 29th 2009 // Haut & Court