King Guillaume

A film by Pierre-François Martin-Laval

2009 France - Comedy


Magalie and Guillaume are just as much in love as the day they met. They live a quiet life in the suburbs, between modest dreams and a long awaited pregnancy. Yet everything gets complicated when Guillaume is contacted by his estranged father. Guillaume learns that due to an agreement dating from the middle ages, he is heir to a genuine kingdom off the coasts of France and England. Although at first the prospect of reigning over their own island kingdom is highly tempting, they will soon discover that reality is far from what they expected: a shabby, run-down, rock-filled land battered by Northern winds. And the five slightly deranged inhabitants of the island certainly won't be of any help...

  • cast

    • Pierre-François Martin-Laval (Guillaume)
    • Florence Foresti (Magalie)
    • Pierre Richard (William Fernand)
    • Isabelle Nanty (Pamela Gisèle)
  • crew

    • Producer
    • Antoine De Clermont-Tonnerre (MACT)
  • infos

    • Running time
    • 85 min

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Domestic release :
Walt Disney Studios