A film by Pablo Agüero

2008 Argentina - Drama


Argentina, after the dictatorship. Alba, just out of prison, comes to get her son Inti. He is six years old; she is thirty. They don't know each other. Alba takes Inti to El Bolson, a lost valley in Patagonia where renegades from all corners of the world find refuge. At the home of the deceased Dr Schulz, day and night, in an endless party, gather among the "enlightened", the hippies, a collection of insects and a multitude of wandering animals. At the foot of the Andes, the children of the peasants have fun by demolishing a school under construction or attacking the houses of newcomers. Within these two rough worlds, Alba and Inti try to build a new life. Alba hanging on to her dreams, Inti to his survival kit.

  • cast

    • Joaquin Aguila (Inti)
    • Dolores Fonzi (Alba)
    • John Cale (Dick Winter)
  • crew

    • Screenplay
    • Pablo Agà¼ero
    • Producers
    • Jacques Bidou (JBA)
    • Marianne Dumoulin (JBA)
    • Cinematography
    • Hélène Louvart (AFC)
  • infos

    • Running time
    • 91 min
    • Format
    • 35mm - 1.85

awards & nominations

  • Cannes 2008 - Director
  • Toronto 2008 - Visions


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