Village of shadows (The)

Village of shadows (The)
Le village des ombres

A film by Fouad Benhammou

2010 France - Thriller


A group of friends goes on a trip to the village of Ruiflec with two different cars. When they get close to the village, all the passengers of one of the cars have disappeared.The others arrive in an empty village and can't find their friends.

  • cast

    • Christa Théret (Emma)
    • Cyrille Thouvenin (David)
    • Barbara Goenaga (Lila)
  • crew

    • Production
    • Laurent Bruneteau (Kobayashi Prod)
    • Production
    • Thomas Bruxelle (Kobayashi Prod)
    • Production Manager
    • Anne Giraudau
    • Co-producer
    • Eric Brunswick (Satourne Productions)

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