Invading Species

Invading Species
Les Esp├Ęces Invasives

A film by Daniel Rouyre

2013 France - Documentary


The exponential increase of the world population and the growing human activity it generates, especially with the boom of transport and exchanges of all sorts, is creating a global ecological disturbance. In one generation the issue of invasive species has become crucial. After the destruction of natural habitat, they have become the second major biodiversity threat. It is a problem as preoccupying as global warming! With the slight difference that no one seems to care. An invasive species is a vegetal or animal species that wildly spreads when outside its natural environment, to the extent of threatening and irrevocably modifying the ecosystems it conquers. Our documentary will for the first time explore the problem, starting with the French territory (itself threatened by 37 different types of vertebrate animals) to open on a worldwide consideration the public needs to be aware of.

  • crew +

    • Producers
    • Maryvonne Le Meur
    • Guillaume Godard (KCRAFT & CO)
    • Line Producer (Australia)
    • Diane Perelzstein
    • Science Consultant
    • Philippe Clergeau
    • Cinematography
    • Arthur Cemin
    • Pierre Ferry
    • Original Music
    • Martin Meissonnier
    • Matthias Weber
    • Editing
    • Eric Renault
  • infos

    • Running time
    • 2x52'
    • Ratio
    • 1.78
    • Language
    • French

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