True Enough
La Vérité ou Presque

A film by Sam Karmann

2007 France - Comedy


Anne is married to Thomas, who is in love with Caroline, Marc's young wife, Anne's ex husband, herself being enchanted by Vincent, terribly envied by Lucas. As to Rose-Marie, she knows that when desire is involved, lie is just around the corner. So where's truth in all this ? One can love forever, but not all the time? that's the truth? nearly..

  • cast

    • Karin Viard (Anne)
    • André Dussollier (Vincent)
    • François Cluzet (Marc)
    • Sam Karmann (Thomas)
  • crew

    • Producers
    • Jean-Philippe Andraca (Les Films A4)
    • Christian Bérard (Les Films A4)
    • Screenplay
    • Sam Karmann
    • Jérome Beaujour
    • Cinematography
    • Mathieu POIROT-DELPECH
    • Editing
    • Philippe BOURGUEIL
  • infos

    • Running time
    • 95 min

screenings in festivals & markets

Domestic release :
2007-09-12 REZO FILMS